modern beach bungalow

Photography courtesy of © Lori Brookes

Teichner Residence, Pt. Loma

After being scolded by the neighbors, bachelor and first-time homeowner Matt Teichner knew he needed to do something about his wild-and-wooly yard. “I was tired of coming home and looking at it,” laughs Matt. “I already knew Kendra and was familiar with her work, so asking for her help was a total no-brainer.”

A budding architect, Matt was naturally particular about the design and features of his new yard. He knew he wanted a modern outdoor living area, one that could somehow tie in to the traditional Spanish architecture of his house without being traditional. A tree, a sitting area, and an entrance from the driveway were Matt’s only specific requests.

“Matt’s a surfer, and a surfer needs to have a casual hangout spot to kick back with friends at the end of the day,” explains Kendra.  Matt’s love for the ocean was transformed into a wave-shaped pebble rock bed that creates a whimsical frame around the front of the yard. Informal sitting areas were created with natural Adirondack-style chairs, joined by broad, warm-stained wooden steps leading to the newly opened-up front entrance. Mediterranean low shrubs and grasses, splashed with larger low-water plants and rocks were planted to embrace the sitting areas, all surrounded by an inviting, open-ranch style fence. A gated entrance from the driveway was included to provide instant access to Matt’s oasis from the car. And of course, an eco-friendly tree was added near the front gate.

“Kendra intuitively knew how to take my style and build an environment around it—the new space affects my mood when I come home. It’s so much more welcoming,” smiles Matt.

Matt now throws casual get-togethers quite frequently, where he and his friends enjoy watching people stop their cars to take pictures and pay compliments. “Is it the yard, or am I just more attractive now? I guess we’ll never know,” he grins.