eco-friendly craftsman bungalow

Photography courtesy of © Lori Brookes

Randolph – McQuaide Residence, Historic Burlingame

David & Dee were to the point of considering artificial turf.

The empty-nesters who own a Mission-style bungalow in the historic district of Burlingame near Balboa Park had put up with their time-consuming, water-hogging front lawn for 5 years. “The only thing we liked in our front yard was our fig tree, “recalls Dee. “We knew we wanted something that would take a lot less effort to maintain and require less water, but we didn’t have a clue about plants.”

One day, after witnessing the amazing transformation of a neighbors’ outdoor space, they decided to hunt down the talent behind it. “When we first spoke with Kendra, we immediately clicked…she was genuinely interested in what we had to say and was very knowledgeable,” says David.

With David & Dee’s input, Kendra designed an eco-friendly Southern California garden with the use of drought tolerant plants and natural stone that echoed the classic craftsman style landscape. First the existing grey concrete walkway was replaced with a wide pathway constructed of sand-set flagstone pieces interplanted with a very hearty Mediterranean native groundcover called Dymondia, which created an inviting silver-carpet-like approach to the house. Next, a low wall of dry stacked natural flagstone was built into the gentle slope near the front of the landscape, creating a natural boundary. Finally, the planting palette of drought tolerant, low water requiring plants, garden friendly natives, soft textured ornamental grasses, and savory succulents made the landscape come alive with a harmony of colors and textures. Beams Dee, “Kendra was able to translate our environmental concerns in a way that was both beautiful and bountiful. A true artist!”

From the sidewalk view, the blue hued Senecio mandraliscea & the minty colored Senecio tallinoides mingle together over the flagstone wall. Looking through the front window, the eye is drawn into the garden by architectural branching specimen Aloe planted in a large rustic urn. The existing Fig Tree is now complimented by its new landscape plantings and graces the garden with its beautiful structural branching in the Winter, and lush green foliage the remainder of the year.

David concludes, “Everything is beyond our expectations–our home stands out beautifully, yet blends in with the whole feeling of the neighborhood. And it’s so easy to take care of. We’ve also just recently decided to put our house on the market, and judging from the attention we’ve already been getting, we know the work we did with Revive was worth every penny.”